3 Ways Our Wedding Planning Beats DIY Web Tools

Wedding planning may seem simple, but it can get overwhelming and stressful very quickly. Selecting the perfect wedding venue, managing vendors, coordinating timelines and finding all of the decorations and accessories you need to pull off a party for 150 of your closest friends and family puts a lot of stress on your time and budget.

What’s the best way to plan a wedding?

Web tools have become increasingly popular for DIY wedding planning, but doing all that work yourself may not be the money saving help you were hoping for. Let’s take a look at the invaluable benefits of using the personalized wedding planning help of the professionals here at The Parish House on Union.

Personalized Wedding Planning

One of the most significant advantages our professionals offer at The Parish House on Union is the personalized guidance we offer. Web tools provide generic templates and suggestions based on the most common situations, but we take the time to understand your unique preferences, tastes, and vision. We listen to you, and work with you to bring your dream wedding to life on budget, incorporating personal touches and tailored solutions that reflect your individuality as a couple. We use our expertise and experience to offer valuable advice, recommendations, and creative ideas that web tools just can’t duplicate.

Stress-Free Weddings

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when also managing work and family. The Parish House on Union takes all of the stress out of your special day so you and your fiance can relax and enjoy a celebration with family and friends. We help you with the important planning steps, and then stand by on wedding day to assist in making it all work.

We manage as much of the day as you’d like, with an entire staff on-site to help in any way possible. We’ll show you how to plan your wedding to be as easy as possible, and we can watch the details for you throughout the day. 

When you plan your wedding with the staff at The Parish House on Union, we’ll help you handle everything from decor to seating charts, live streaming, timelines and more. Even some things no one plans for: Last minute dress disasters? Cake decoration? Missing phone chargers? Safety pins? Bouquet repair? We have seen it all, and have the folks on hand to make sure it doesn’t derail your day. 

Helping to Manage the Budget

Web tools may offer budgeting features, but our professionals can maximize your budget in ways that beat a spreadsheet. There is no such thing as an unlimited budget. We’ve worked with a lot of special situations and can offer cost-effective alternatives, find ways to cut costs on non-important items, and provide creative solutions to stretch your budget without compromising on quality. Much of what you need is already on-hand at The Parish House on Union. Choose from our various decor options, enjoy free floral arrangements for the tables, aisle and altar, and build off the natural beauty you can only get from a 150-year-old former church, all included at no additional charge.

Food is easily the biggest wedding planning expense, but we’ve got that covered too. Our in-house chefs will work to put on a beautiful and elegant plated meal for you and your guests that fits your budget. You’ll attend a tasting to get ideas, and then finalize a dinner plan that you’ll love.

Priceless Day-of Coordination

Web tools may provide timelines and checklists, but only professional expertise ensures that every detail of your wedding is as perfect as it can be. 

At The Parish House on Union, our staff is tasked with only one job: to do everything possible to ensure a perfect, stress-free day for our wedding couple and their guests. From managing the flow of events to overseeing setup and breakdown and handling any unexpected issues, our staff ensures that you, your family and friends can relax and fully enjoy your celebration, knowing that everything is under control.

Bring Us Your Wedding Planning Questions

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